Our Promise

our promiseOur central promise to you is simple; Provide you with specially selected, high-quality, consistently fresh and frozen seafood products that will make you proud to feature the Nautifish name. Our seafood team is constantly looking for seafood products that meet and exceed our standards and are worthy of the Nautifish label. Only then after intense and rigorous inspections do we bring these products to you. All Nautifish products are HACCP certified.

And while our commitment to excellent seafood is number one, you should also get to know Nautifish, the “official” spokesperson of this fine line of seafood products. Nautifish has been rather troubled with man over the years because of his lack of respect for our ocean’s resources. He feels man has been taking from the ocean and not doing his part to give back. He’s got a little attitude because of this and is trying to bring about a greater awareness of these issues. In addition mankind has destroyed our precious environment by filling landfills with non-recyclable packaging. Nautifish seafood is packaged in both 100% recyclable packaging and reusable containers.

From the very beginning, it was a top priority to have a true partnership with our oceans and the enjoyment this precious resource brings to all of us. As a result, we donate a portion of the proceeds of the Nautifish brand to organizations that are devoted to sustainability of the ocean’s resources.

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